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Application Programming Interfaces

Many companies searching for a workflow solution have existing applications that they wish to integrate with a workflow solution. allows for customers to integrate our portal into existing applications through a rich and full featured API, or Application Programming Interface.

The use of APIs is available for a one time additional fee based on the specific needs of the customer. The specification of our most universal API, which is based on HTTP, is $299. Any application language that has access to the HTTP protocol can use this API to interact with

For example, suppose you want your application to create a Work Ticket after a form is filled out. If your application is in Visual Basic, an easy way to perform this task is to use the XMLHTTP object. Just insert the following code:

Sub StartWorkTicket(in_strCompany, in_strTicketName)
    Dim obj, strURL
    Set obj = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

    strURL = "" & _
		in_strCompany & "&TICKET_NAME=" & in_strTicketName

    On Error Resume Next
        Call"GET", strURL, False)
        Call obj.send
        If Err.Number <> 0 Then
            MsgBox "StartWorkTicket:" & strURL & " failed with: '" & _
			Err.description & "'"
        ElseIf obj.status = 200 Then
            Dim result
            result = Trim(obj.responseText)
            MsgBox "StartWorkTicket: Failed " & strURL & _
			" returned " & obj.status
        End If
    On Error Goto 0
End Sub provides APIs for the following tasks: Creating Work Tickets, Querying Work Tickets, Cancelling Work Tickets, advancing Work Tickets through their stages, and more.

If your company needs to use APIs in the course of building workflow solutions, please contact to discuss your particular requirements.


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