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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is Workflow Software?

Workflow Software is a category of computer applications involved in routing work among associates in an organization. While many business processes in the past have involved a paper trail of documents passing from department to department, most Workflow Software systems involve scanning or keying the paper based information into computer systems, and routing the information electronically between departments.

#2. What benefits can our company gain from using Workflow Software?

Consider the paper trail. Hundreds of thousands of productive hours have been lost while searching in vain for a lost piece of paper. With, a searchable interface allows for users to instantly find the documents and associated work processes involved. So at the very least, Workflow software brings an end to lost productivity searching for documents. logs and tracks everything that happens during a Work Ticket. It becomes very easy to find out who did what and when it was done. Or who didn't do what. Tracking, reporting, and communications are all improved dramatically. The associated benefits to an organization can be enormous.

#3. What are the steps to utilizing
  1. Sign-Up the Company. is designed to be used by small and large companies. Customer Accounts are managed at a Company level.
  2. Sign-Up the Users. uses each user's registered e-mail address to route the Work Ticket. If you have a large number of users, send us a list and we will set it up for you.
  3. Log-In using the Administrator Account.
  4. Design a Work Ticket Process. Use our drag and drop workflow editor to design the processes your company wants to automate.
  5. Create a Work Ticket and assign it to a registered user. Depending on their personal e-mail settings, the registered user can get an E-Mail notifying them that they have work to do on
  6. The User logs into where they see a list of all Work Tickets assigned to them.
  7. The User opens the Work Ticket, fills out any applicable forms, makes appropriate decisions, and closes the Work Ticket.
#4. How much does Cost?

Please see our Pricing Plans Page Page for all the details!

#5. Can we pay by Check?

Yes! accepts major credit cards or we can invoice your company and accept a check as payment.

#6. Is a Contract Required?

No! is billed on a month to month basis. A customer may cancel at any time by e-mailing

#7. We don't feel comfortable storing our proprietary information and documents on a 3rd party server. Can we run software on our own corporate servers?

While offers a secure and reliable interface for storing corporate information, we understand that many companies run their own corporate networks and web servers. The software packages are available for sale to corporations who wish to run their own workflow software systems. is based on a Microsoft development platform and ODBC compliant database, and can be easily adapted to run in many corporate environments.

For more information, please contact to discuss your particular requirements.


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