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Work Ticket Interface provides all users with access to a Work Ticket Interface for sorting, searching, examining, and completing work processes.

After an Administrator has defined one or more Work Ticket Process definitions, they and other users can begin using Administrators and basic users can create individual work processes and assign them to associates to complete. presents an easy to use interface that breaks down each associates work into easy to use categories. guides the user through the work process, displaying a user interface for each stage.

At the core of our concept is the Work Ticket. A Work Ticket is an electronic tracking device, designed to follow a structured path to completing an item of work. The "flow" for the Work Ticket is created by dragging icons and drawing lines between them in the Workflow Editor. Individual instances of the Work Process are then created and assigned to a specific user. Users can be notified of new work either via E-Mail or through the web site. Once the Work Ticket gets started, it works through different Stages, and Users, collecting information and documents along the way, until finally the Work Ticket is completed.

A sample Work Ticket is displayed below:

Workflow Sample Work Ticket

Points of Interest:

  1. The Work Ticket Name as assigned by the Administrator
  2. The Subject of the Work Ticket as defined by the creator of the Work Ticket
  3. Ref ID#: A unique ID assigned to each item at
  4. Date Created: Date that the Work Ticket was created
  5. Created By: Name of User who created the Work Ticket
  6. Assigned To: User who is currently assigned to work on the Work Ticket
  7. Date Started: The Date that the Work Ticket was first worked on after creation
  8. Stage: The Title of the current Stage that the Work Ticket is on
  9. View Button: Displays a visual diagram of the Process
  10. History Button: Displays all the dates, times, performers, actions, and notes in a history of activity of the Work Ticket.
  11. Forms Button: Displays all the Form variables filled out in the Work Ticket.
  12. Exit Button: Exits the Work Ticket
  13. Upload and Link Buttons: Provide Document Management features for the Work Ticket.
  14. Work Area: Displays the Stage specific information and allows the user to progress through the Work Ticket process.
  15. Notes Area: Displays all Notes that have been entered in the Work Ticket. Users can add new Notes at any time. Old Notes become a permament part of the Work Ticket record and cannot be removed.



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