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Workflow Software Pricing pricing plans are based on the number of registered users from your organization. We expect a small organization, with 5 users or fewer, to generate relatively little traffic. Our introductory plan for an organization of this size is $25 per month. A company with more users is expected to generate more traffic and the monthly fee is based on a figure of about $10 per month per registered user. offers plans based on the maximum number of user accounts your company will need. Every registered user will have sign on capability using their own e-mail address and an individual password.

Max # of Users Charge / month
5    $25 *
+ $10 / each additional user
* All Prices in United States Dollars ($ USD)

Included in the basic plan is unlimited storage for file uploads of up to 100,000 bytes each. This Document Management plan includes storage for 60 days of history before the Work Tickets are archived. If larger files or a longer storage period is required, additional charges apply:

Plan Max File Size Rentention Period Monthly Fee
BASIC 100,000 bytes (100K) Up to 2 months Included
SILVER 500,000 bytes (500K) Up to 6 months $100 per month + $1 for each additional 1GB stored per month.
GOLD 1,000,000 bytes (1MB) Up to 1 year $200 per month + $1 for each additional 1GB stored per month.
PLATINUM 10,000,000 bytes (10 MB) Up to 2 years $300 per month + $1 for each additional 1GB stored per month.

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