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Document Imaging Tutorial

Many Workflow applications depend on sharing documents with users. This is sometimes referred to as "Document Management" or "Document Imaging". There are several highly advanced Document Management systems on the market today, many costing thousands of dollars. provides as part of our basic portal a web based Document Management system that provides a simple way to share documents and other files as part of a Work Ticket.

The Right column of each and every Work Ticket is reserved for attaching documentation. There are two ways to attach documentation:

1) Link to it
2) Upload it
Workflow Document Imaging Buttons

Linking You can include a Link in the Work Ticket to any document on the Internet, any document on your network, or any document on your machine. All users of the work ticket will then have access to the Link, be permitted to click on it and view the document.

Examples of links:

Please be aware that while links to pages on the Internet will be generally be available to all users, links to pages on your local network or local machine will only be visible to users who have access to your network or machine.

Links are the easiest way for you to share information. It also allows your company complete control over the content. Because the information is stored on the Internet or on your local company networks, no copy is maintained on servers.

Uploading If your company doesn't have it's own Internet site or network on which to host documents, you can upload your important files to be stored at In this case, any associate of your company will be able to access the uploaded documents, regardless of their proximity to your company's local network.

Depending on the type of files your company typically uses, File Uploading can require significant storage space on For this reason, we charge separately for advanced Document Imaging requirements. Every base account comes with the capability to upload an unlimited number of 100,000 byte files, with the restriction that the documents will only be stored for 60 days after the Work Ticket they are associated with has closed. We call this the "Documentation Retention Policy". After 60 days, we will zip all of the Work Ticket files and information together and make them available in an Archive file.

If your company requires the ability to upload larger files, or needs to store documents on the web site longer than 60 days, it is possible to upgrade your account. Please refer to the Pricing Plans Page for details.

Please note that because viruses can be spread in many different file types, we only permit the following file types in our Basic Package: .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .PDF, .TXT, .GIF, .JPG, and .BMP. Users with an Advanced package can add other file types as desired.

Once documents are linked or uploaded to, they appear as a small icon in the right corner of the Work Ticket. Documents can be viewed by all associates with access to the Work Ticket. In addition, Administrative users have the capability to Delete or Replace documents.

Workflow Document Management Sample Screen



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