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Cycle Time Reporting

In addition to flexible Workflow Software and Document Imaging, a critical component to most Workflow applications is Reporting. provides all users with easy to use information, including the Cycle Time. Cycle Time is defined as the time that has elapsed between when the Work Ticket was created and when it was completed. In addition to a Work Ticket having a total running cycle time, each Stage of the Work Ticket also has a Cycle Time describing how long that portion of the workflow expired.

All users of can see clearly how much Cycle Time has elapsed on each ticket. Cycle Time is displayed in the smallest available units, either minutes, hours, or days. The diagram below shows a listing of Open Work Tickets listed for the user.

Workflow Reporting Sample Screen

While each user has access to view the cycle times of their own Work Tickets, and the Work Tickets of others in the company, only the administrative users have access to a full featured Workflow Reporting Tool. The Reporting Tool allows the user to select date ranges along with other information that should be displayed in the report.

Workflow Reporting Sample Screen #2

The report then generates the information and displays it to the administrative user.

Workflow Reporting Sample Screen #3

The "Drill Down" feature allows for the administrator to get at the data behind the report, tracking down the particular items that may be of interest behind the report.

Workflow Reporting Sample Screen #4



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