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Workflow Software

By virtue of visiting this web site, you are probably familiar with the primary concepts behind Workflow Software systems. In theory, Workflow Software makes it easy to take a manual process and automate it into an electronic process. In practice, most Workflow systems require an investment of thousands of dollars, teams of consultants, and months of time to get anything meaningful working.

The Workflow Editor is the Administrator's tool for defining Workflow Processes! is different. Our workflow platform makes it easy to quickly start building workflow solutions. Our service is completely web based, eliminating the need for costly and cumbersome software installations. All that is required for most users is a standard web browser. The Workflow Editor, Work Ticket Interface, Document Management, and Cycle Time Reporting are built into the web site so it's easy to set-up, use, and manage.

Here's how it works:

An Administrator signs up for an account, providing the name of the company that will use the workflow system. The Administrator will also enter names and e-mail addresses for one or more company associates who will use the workflow system and be assigned to perform tasks, otherwise known as Stages. All workflow information and associated documentation is organized under the company umbrella, and will only be accessible by the registered members of the company.

The Work Ticket Interface is the User's gateway to processing their Work!  It includes easy to use Document Management features. The Administrator will then define one or more workflow processes that can be initiated and used by the members of the company. This is accomplished using a drag and drop workflow editor. The Administrator will drag different icons representing forms, decisions, e-mails, wait states, and work transfers onto the workflow diagram, and then draw lines between them. The Stages and Lines, together with a few text based Properties, form a structured process diagram that each Work Ticket will follow.'s drag and drop interface uses JavaScript and XML to build the workflow process. Administrators who define work process definitions are currently required to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Mozilla Firefox. All other users can use any standard web browser on any operating system.

Once one or more workflow processes have been designed, a specific ""Work Ticket"" can be started by picking an assigned user from a list and providing a brief description. Standard users find out via e-mail or the web site that they have a new ""Work Ticket"" item ready to process.

The Workflow Reporting Wizard generates ready to use data and graphs including Cycle Time! Users can log-in to using their e-mail address and a short password. Open work is organized into categories so they can quickly get started on what is most important. Standard users also have access to a search feature to find any work within the company, a Backup Management facility where they can back up or fill in for other associates within the company, and a Preferences feature where they can adjust their name, e-mail address, password, or e-mail settings.

What makes different from other workflow software platforms? There are 4 primary things:

1) Completely Web Based - there is no software to download or install
2) Graphical User Interface makes building workflows as simple as drag and drop
3) Web based Document Management is included in the workflow system
4) Cycle Times and Reporting are built in from the ground up

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